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Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, born in 1887 and passing away in 1965, was a Swiss-born architect, designer, painter, urban planner, and writer, best known by his adopted name Le Corbusier. His nearly five-decade-long career had a significant impact on the field, making him one of the most influential architects of all time. Le Corbusier had a progressive mindset, aiming to bring order to the chaotic world through design. He rejected excessive architectural ornamentation and developed a style called brutalism, characterized by buildings with elemental geometric forms constructed using industrial materials like steel and reinforced concrete.

Le Corbusier believed that well-designed, unadorned spaces could teach us the value of simplicity for achieving happiness. To express this concept, he prioritized modern, open interiors and emphasized light and rational designs. His architecture and interiors showcased a clear sense of space and structural order, highlighting the beauty found in harmony, proportion, and simplicity.

Le Corbusier's furniture also embodied these ideals. Collaborating with his cousin Pierre Jeanneret and trailblazing designer Charlotte Perriand, he created iconic pieces like the LC2 Petit Confort armchair, the LC4 chaise longue, and the Chandigarh Advocate chairs and sofa sets. These designs combined minimal wooden geometrical structures, tubular steel, and soft leather upholstery, blending organic warmth with industrial aesthetics. Le Corbusier pushed the boundaries of ergonomics in his furniture, ensuring utmost comfort for the sitter.

Throughout his career, Le Corbusier demonstrated meticulous planning and intelligence in his designs, whether for private residences like the Villa Savoye near Paris, high-rise buildings like the Unité D'habitation in Marseille, or furniture creations. He aimed for a style of living that was expansive and adaptable. The strength and simplicity of his sofas and seating pieces gave them a sophisticated sculptural presence in any setting, while providing utmost comfort.


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