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SCENERS GALLERY shares the dialogue and chemistry between creations and mediums, often started with a question or idea.

It is an open-ended harmony across the past, present, and future. Each creation possesses a unique narrative, reflecting the ingenuity, dedication, and passion of its creator. A pure path of a form or object, through conception to substance and perception later on. We admire old savoir-faire and cleverness, respectfully allied with contemporary knowledge. The gallery focuses on collectible design masterpieces, while showcasing the works of both established and emerging artists.

Carefully curated by its founders, each piece holds a profound significance. Every aspect you perceive sight, sound, touch, or sense has been meticulously sought for. This process led us to deeper and more searching questions, new sources of knowledge, nothing has been left to the unknown. In order to transmit the memories objects here have, feel and think of something invisible but undoubtedly existing.

SCENERS GALLERY uses material as a medium, to show you what immateriality is.